Apprentice + Technician

Price: Regular - $1,950, Student - $1,550

$120 licensing fee not included

- Level One: Laser Didactic Class

License: Apprentice-in-Training

40 hours, Monday-Friday

- Level Two: Laser 100 Body Sites

License: Laser Technician

Approximately 4 days, length of class vary

Models are recommended and will be given discounted treatments

- Level Three: Laser Observing 100 Body Sites

License: Senior Laser Technician

Additional Price: $500

Classes scheduled on a customized basis.

- Level Four: Written Exam

License: Professional Laser Technician


Laser Hair Removal

Our Laser Program is an appoved Texas training program for individuals interested in obtaining a Laser Hair Removal license from the Texas Department of State Health Services.  

​Program Benifits:

  • Industry-leading lecture on history, physics, science, and safety of lasers

  • Information on Alexandrite, YAG, and IPL methods of laser hair removal

  • Experience with a variety of lasers including Candela, Lumenis, and Light-Away

  • Laser maintenance taught by a Laser Safety Officer

  • Practical course taught by actively practicing medical estheticians and laser techs

  • Pre and post treatment protocols & products available

We pride ourselves on having candidates finish the program “employment ready,” with an excellent working knowledge of a variety of lasers.