Microblading is a treatment that creates defined strokes that look like real hair.  Powder brows treatment creates a soft or dramatic implantation of pigment into the skin with a permanent makeup machine.  These treatments can be combined to create dimension in the brows.


Want to wake up with perfect, no fuss brows every morning?  Powder brows are semi-permanent color that typically lasts 2.5 years.  The color is custom fit to your skin and hair tone.  The shape is determined by facial measurements.

Powder Brows Initial Consultation - $50

Applied to treatment

Powder Brows - $495

Includes two treatments 6 - 8 weeks apart

Corrective Treatment of Outside Work - Price determined at consult

Microblading & Powder Brows Combo - $595


Have you ever wanted to ditch your eyebrow pencil?  Our Microblading treatment allows you to do just that.  Unlike permanent cosmetics, this treatment lasts 12 - 18 months so if you decide to change your look in the future you can still do that. 

Initial Consultation - $50

Applied to Microblading treatment

Microblading - $495

Includes two treatments 6 - 8 weeks apart

Touch Up Treatment - Varies

Touch up treatments are for existing clients only.

Microblading & Powder Brows Combo - $595


Would you have your lips tattooed? The "lip blush" tattooing method heals to look like lip tint. It defines the shape of the lips and helps it appear larger, but we don't tattoo outside of the body of the lips. It will even out pigmentation of the lips and brighten the skin. We have several colors to choose from. Beautiful, smudge-proof color that lasts 1-3 years!

Lip Blush Treatment - $449



Scar therapy treatment is a gentle tattooing procedure that improves the look of scars by matching them back to the original pigmentation and the surrounding skin tone. This is usually done with a stippling technique and multiple shades to create the most natural outcome. It is best on non-textured scars that aren't keloids. Depending on the scarring, you may need just one session or multiple. With each session you'll see more improvement.

30 minute session - $90

45 minute session - $130







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