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  • Avoid excessive heat, friction, or chemicals (exercise, baths, saunas, chlorinated pools, etc.) to the treated area for 24 hours. Provided that there is no localized redness, blistering, or crusting present, you may resume all regular activity. 

  • Wash treated area gently with water and a mild soap. Do not rub treated area with a washcloth, and always pat gently to dry.

  • Ensure that treated area is well moisturized with frequent applications of a fragrance-free moisturizer- ideally one that includes SPF. Make-up can be applied immediately following treatment.

  • Sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided throughout your course of treatment. A minimum of SPF 25 is recommended and should be applied whenever the treated area is exposed to sunlight. If you develop a tan within the proposed treatment area, delay further sessions for 2 weeks or until the tan has faded significantly.

  • Do not use irritants on the treated area (i.e. harsh acne products or products containing active enzymes and acids) for 2 days. 

  • Follow-up treatments are essential for best results. Subsequent treatments should be scheduled 4-5 weeks apart until series is completed. 

  • Contact us immediately if you notice prolonged blistering, redness, crusting, tenderness, or any other changes that concern you.


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